Movie Stars March 1965

Blondel’s Now Sells Vintage Magazines!

Blondel’s is pleased to announce that now we have vintage magazines for sale! We will be listing a bevy of magazines…check back on the site often and we will list current offerings on our Facebook Page. Some points to remember with the vintage magazines we sell: Vintage magazines are not flawless and these were previously […]... Read More

Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes from Blondel’s!

Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes, who was born June 8, 1962, only seven days after our Marilyn Monroe celebrated her thirty-sixth birthday! (of course, sadly, her final birthday). As it is, Nick himself is a Marilyn fan…something we have in common with the talented keyboard player from Duran Duran! I had the blessing to take […]... Read More
At Blondel's you're not going to find doctored images for sale like some sites sell and some publications publish...

The Real Deal at Blondel’s…Don’t Believe the Silly Photoshops Floating Around on the Internet of Marilyn and JFK…

There’s been a lot of silliness on the Internet these days with some doctored images of our Marilyn floating around. Now I will clarify, there are some dedicated Marilyn Monroe fans who create portraits of Marilyn of their own, as well as loving photoshop dedications… What we dislike here greatly at Blondel’s, are the images […]... Read More