Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes from Blondel’s!

Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes, who was born June 8, 1962, only seven days after our Marilyn Monroe celebrated her thirty-sixth birthday! (of course, sadly, her final birthday).

As it is, Nick himself is a Marilyn fan…something we have in common with the talented keyboard player from Duran Duran!

I had the blessing to take pictures of one of my favorite bands of all time, including Nick!

In his honor, I’ve released some previously unreleased photos of Nick! And, all pictures of Nick are now on sale for 30% off, today through Tuesday, June 10, at midnight EDT! Plus, all other Duran Duran prints are 20% off too during that time period!

What will you get when you purchase a fine art print or canvas from Blondel’s?

You will receive not only a print, but an investment. Our limited edition fine art prints are printed with high quality giclee paper, with a minimum life of 125 years…our canvases have a minimum life of 75 years. For the Duran Duran prints, I will autograph and number them and a certificate from Blondel’s will also accompany your order.

Any questions? Please contact us through our site under any of the product FAQ’s or through the email: blondels.com@gmail.com.

Thanks again for visiting Blondel’s!

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